Soul States…Struggle…Liberation…Catharsis | Prelude opus 22 No 1

Ezeni Athans | ANSCRIABIN storyDoc Lectures (Part) in collaboration with the Scriabin Museum Moscow

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Πολεμικό Μουσείο 2020 φόρος τιμής από πιανίστρια Ευγενία-Μαρία Αθανασοπούλου


Ezeni plays Alexander Scriabin Prelude No 24, Op.11-Presto

Russian composer A.N.S last whereabouts Moscow impressions

Ezeni plays in Scriabin Museum in Moscow

Highlights flashing piano Ezeni

Ezeni plays Godowsky ‘Volcano de Bromo’ (No6)/Java Suite-1925

Ezeni plays Scriabin Prelude Op.11/18

Ethereal. Bursts of light…towards flight.

Studio Recording: Ιωάννης Πεϊκίδης

Scriabin’s music brought to light with the support of Ελισάβετ Γιάνοβα, Πωλίνα Ρίλικ, Μαρίνα Κούπερμαν, Λουντμίλα Νοβιτσένκο